ArcGIS Pro 1.4 Tutorial Vol.3: Map Composition


Erstellt wurde das Video von Keni Han, Masterstudentin im International Master in Cartography der TU München, auf der Grundlage von ArcGIS Pro 1.4. Mehr Informationen zur Tutorial-Serie findet ihr hier.

The third part of our ArcGIS Pro cartography tutorial is about map composition, aiming at providing solutions for integrating maps elements in a relatively complex map scenario. We will create a map of central Vienna, including the public transportation means, and land use information.

The public transportation presentation includes stations and transportation lines. In the end, the map elements will be organized to make a nice and clear map layout. The video was created by Keni Han,  master student of the International Master in Cartography at TU Munich, using ArcGIS Pro 1.4. You can find more information about the tutorial series here.